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Image:Joseph Schmidt (timbre allemand).jpg|thumb|300px|Stamp commemorating the birth of Joseph Schmidt (Deutsche Post 2004). The musical score shows the title of his 1933 film Ein Lied geht um die Welt (''A song goes round the world'') Image:JosefSchmidt.jpg|right|thumb|240px|Joseph Schmidt. (photograph by Roman Vishniac) Image:Gedenktafel Nürnberger Str 68 (Schöb) Joseph Schmidt.JPG|thumb|Memory plaque at Haus Nürnberger Straße 68 in Berlin-Schöneberg Image:Schmidt Joseph Grab.jpg|thumb|Joseph Schmidt's grave in the Wiedikon district of Zürich. '''Joseph Schmidt''' (March 4, 1904 – November 16, 1942) was an Austro-Hungarian and...
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